【The information of Baohe】Warm congratulations on completing and uesing of Baohe stainless steel bui

  28th.of November, 2011 is a memorable daya building, which totally invested more than 15,000,000 RMB, completed and began to use, after experinencing intense constructing of 16 months.
  It covers an area of 1600 square meters, and its area of structure covered area is 10,000 square meter. There are 50 dormitories for their workers, which spread half part of 3 to 6 floor and every dormitory has 20 square meters. In addition, it can be lived by 200-300 people. What&rsquos more, there are individual rest rooms and small balconies per dormitory. The rest of this building are office area, exhibition hall, recreation room, and so on.
  The completion of the building just as a epitome of the company, which is from weak to strong and powerfulness Great oaks from little acorns grow. Throughout tireless and down-to-earth aggressive spirit of Baohe workers make the company stronger.
  From Lanshi to Qicuo, Qicuo to Chencun, No matter how the environment changed, the belief that pay attention to employee life safeguard and pursue the humanized management is still the same.
  Today, we appreciate our workers and ex-workers, and thanks for being together with us. Because of you, Baohe can constantly be stronger. Also, we appreciate our customers, and because of  your spur and encourage, we can have a better tomorrow step by step.

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